Play Ziffi - T20 of Chess

Win cash in 2 minutes!

How it works

Skip the opening
All Ziffi games start from randomised, balanced middle game positions.
Capture pieces
Get points for every capture.
Win in 6 moves
Score more points in 6 moves to win cash!

Frequently asked questions

What is Ziffi Chess?

Ziffi Chess is a new 6-move format of chess.

We have created Ziffi so that you can enjoy chess even in short breaks.

Ziffi can be played at normal pace, you don't need to be fast to win. Try it out, download now!

Is it safe to add money to Ziffi Chess?

Adding money to your ZIffi Chess account is simple and safe. We have many different payment options enabled on Ziffi Chess to ensure that your personal details are safe with us.

What's more? After you verify your personal details, you can withdraw the money that you win on Ziffi Chess directly to your bank account.

When do I get my winnings?

A successfully processed withdrawal request via UPI usually gets credited almost instantly. Even in case of delay, we promise credit within 3 working days.

How should I download the Ziffi Chess app?

You can download our apk directly from our website . You can also click here to download directly.